Be Minus/See Plus

velvet ropes


velvet ropes

kites don’t work without the string…


Look, we all know that there’s a trope in the movies where someone of a minority race is flattened out into just being “good at X” and that the white protagonist is the one we root for because unlike the guy who’s just “good at X” the protagonist has human depth, human relationships, a human point of view—and this somehow makes him more worthy of success than the antagonist who seems to exist just to be good at X.

So we root for Rocky against black guys who, by all appearances, really are better boxers than he is, because unlike them Rocky isn’t JUST a boxer, he has a girlfriend, he has hopes, he has dreams, etc. This comes up over and over again in movies where the athletic black competitor is set up as the “heel”—look at the black chick in Million Dollar Baby and how much we’re pushed to hate her. Look at all this “Great White Hope” stuff, historically, with Joe Louis.

So is it any surprise that this trope comes into play with Asians? That the Asian character in the movie is the robotic, heartless, genius mastermind who is only pure intellect and whom we’re crying out to be defeated by some white guy who may not be as brainy but has more pluck, more heart, more humanity? It’s not just Flash Gordon vs. Ming the Merciless, it’s stuff like how in the pilot episode of Girls Hannah gets fired in favor of an overachieving Asian girl who’s genuinely better at her job than she is (the Asian girl knows Photoshop and she doesn’t) and we’re supposed to sympathize with Hannah.


license plates or taxes 
or expired driver’s license, 
or hiring or firing, 
doing it or having it done to you, or 
roaches or flies or a 
broken hook on a 
screen, or out of gas 
or too much gas, 
the sink’s stopped-up, the landlord’s drunk, 
the president doesn’t care and the governor’s 
light switch broken, mattress like a 
$105 for a tune-up, carburetor and fuel pump at 
sears roebuck; 
and the phone bill’s up and the market’s 
and the toilet chain is 
and the light has burned out - 
the hall light, the front light, the back light, 
the inner light; it’s 
darker than hell 
and twice as 

the shoelace.